I recently completed my first full Marathon in Brighton which was a huge personal achievement.Mauro was instrumental in the whole process and an incredibly positive and motivational presence throughout. Mauro helped me with a training programme in the months leading up to the race and this was tailored to my busy lifestyle and enabled me to complete it which increased my confidence.

Mauro’s commitment to my journey was unwavering and his support on my longest training run was inspirational with the right balance of pushing me whilst maintaining an element of fun and enjoyment which to me is essential. In the lead up to the big day Mauro’s encyclopaedic knowledge of health and fitness was reassuring as he advised on diet and pre-marathon preparation including how to get the most out of the whole experience with confidence.

Mauro was present at key junctures of the course and I found his motivational support spurred me on to not only complete the marathon but to enjoy the experience knowing that I had prepared and followed his expert advice.

I would recommend Mauro wholeheartedly to anyone who wished to improve their fitness and achieve goals of progression whatever their nature or event.

Jon, Lewes



A year to the day I had a stroke which funnily enough was enough to make me reassess my lifestyle. This time last year I weighed 18st 7lb, far to much timber. I started playing more squash and occasionally going to the gym but became slightly disillusioned as weight wasn’t falling away quick enough for me so again I reassessed the situation and spoke to Mauro. This is what I needed. I set a goal for myself to run all 6 major marathons within 3 years.

Mauro was very open to start training me and in our first session on 2/5/17 he put me through my paces to check where I was on the fitness level. Since starting we’ve worked towards Complete fitness that (I still need work). I’ve taken part in 3 races so that gives a goal to aim for. I’ve improved on all above races times. We’ve not only worked on running as previously stated complete fitness so work in the gym on weights both free weights and machines (pec deck,shoulder press etc). Whatever session Mauro has planned (always challenging) his enthusiasm has always made it fun.

The other part that needed work was diet, this was seen as an issue from my part (fussy, that was me). I’ve changed what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat. This might sound daunting but as I’ve found small changes regularly aren’t as bad as first thought. It’s now been 20-21 weeks into Mauro’s training programme and I’ve lost 3st 5lb down to 15st 2lb, which is fantastic from my point of view. I feel a lot better physically and mentally. My wife and children all think that they are living with a new husband/Dad which adds to my own self esteem. Bring on the next challenge.

Paul, (44), Ringmer


image used by kind permission of the Moyleman orgnisers
The Firle Beacon section of the Moyleman. Photo by James Boyes, used by kind permission of the event organisers

Mauro trained me for the 2016 Moyleman, my first marathon, and over the course of ten weeks he took me from being a solid 10km plodder to a capable marathon finisher.

The Moyleman isn’t a run-of-the-mill marathon, it’s an off-road hill-climbing monster which takes you up the South Downs – and down again – several times, so I needed some serious help.

Mauro designed a plan for me that included speed work and gym sessions, which complemented my running plan and made sure I achieved the core fitness necessary for long distance. The sessions were tough but enjoyable, and Mauro’s infectious enthusiasm was the key to my not only completing the training but also enjoying it.

On the day of the race he even ran with me, sacrificing his own finishing time to make sure I didn’t fade towards the end of the course – beyond the call of duty!

John (42), Lewes